Generator Installation

Excellent Generator Installation Services

Avoid Power Outage by Installing a Generator

When the power of your residential and commercial property is out, it turns out to be costly, inconvenient, and annoying. Your sump pumps, heaters, and fire and security systems can stop working and cause major problems. You can avoid these issues and stay productive when we install your home or business generator. Contact us today.

Rely on Us for Your Generator Installation Needs

  • Complete generator inspection
  • Battery inspection
  • Terminals cleaned, tightened, and conditioned
  • All electrical connections checked
  • Ignition system tested
  • Generator oil checked and filled
  • Oil, oil filter, and spark plugs replaced
  • Air-cleaner inspected
  • Pre-filter cleaned
  • Fuel supply inspected and tested

One-Stop Solution for Your Generator Installation Needs

Electric generators are available for a minimum 24-hour rental period for all your portable power needs. Summerset Electric has generators for rent to power anything, from a small house to a large commercial building. Call us at 586-466-4166 and discuss your electrical needs with us. We'll help you select the perfect size generator that'll meet your needs.
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